quasi birthday wish

I want someone who wants to be there for the everyday stuff: laundry, sunsets, breakfast, dishes, sleep, random movies, arguments and make-ups, and Sundays with my family.

I want someone who gets me, sees me, and despite that still wants to love me.

I want someone who wants to travel and have a lifelong adventure with me.

I want someone who chooses to love me back.

I just want “love simple”. (Watch the movie).

Next thing you know

"Time passes and next thing you know, your heart isn’t broken anymore." - Girl with Tiny Flower Tattoo

Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.
Buddha (via buynothingnewforayear)
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photo series: same bench, different people 13

if i could i would spend one day cloud hopping and people watching with home made coffee (in a bottomless cup of course) in one hand and a french macaroon in the other. and maybe you as company. you could tell me your views on all things and i will probably disagree on half. that would be a great day.

i think that i hang on a little too tight, expect a little too much, and react a little too quick. i would like to learn to loosen my grip, let go of all expectations & assumptions, and think things over before reacting. this is the dream.

on what i am most thankful for

1. the people who are in my life - i am blessed with family and friends who are kind, caring, and full of life. i am a better person because of them.

2. living in america - i am grateful to live in a nation where women and/or minorities have rights, freedoms, and oppprtunities.

3. my experiences (good and bad) in 2012 - it wouln’t be true to say i have no regrets; however, i will say that i like who i am these days and my mistakes (as much as anything else) helped get me there.

4. my overall health (mind and body) - getting fit is one of the best decisions i ever made. it has brought me renewed energy and passion, confidence and opened my eyes to possibilities that would never have considered before.

on being “that girl”

i’m done being that girl who finds herself saying, “why me?”, more often than not. instead i want to be the girl who says, “why not me?”.

not to say that i want to become conceited and/or over-confident; i just want to be the kind of girl who puts herself in the running because she believes in herself.

i want to be “that girl” who practices what she preaches.

photo series: same bench, different people #12

on making connections

not all connections we make will become permanent articles of our lives. in fact, i’d venture to say that most of our connections are temporary and short lived in nature, whether we like it or not. but i believe that each connection we make with another human being is important and that we should allow ourselves to make these connections despite the fact that they may be temporary and/or may lead to disappointment and eventual heartbreak and/or there may come a time when the right thing to do is disconnect.

i believe that within each anecdote we hear, each heartbreak we endure, and each minute of pure uncensored joy and/or sadness we share with another human being is a brush stroke on the canvas that is our life. and the more brush strokes, the more depth and color there is to the painting.

and why wouldn’t we want a life with depth and color?

on my favorite cuss word

initially, i thought it was a toss up between the classic f$*k (which by the way is brad pitt’s favorite) or the good old fashion sh*#. but after a week of thinking it over and actually paying attention, i realized that my actual favorite cuss word, or rather cuss term, is ‘damn it’.

first of all, it’s versatile. for those moments when nothing seems to be going your way and your least favorite person just walked out of your office and took the last ounce of your patience and/or sanity with them without your permission, say it loud and with conviction and it has the same face value as the classic f$*k. on the other hand, for those moments that just require a little release as opposed to a full blown explosion, say it with a sigh and trust me, it’s the perfect remedy.

i also love its cousins ‘damn’, ‘darn it’, ‘dang it’, ‘dang’, and ‘damn you {insert name}’.

so there, damn it!

on “do you have any beliefs”

i’m watching “one week” and there is a scene where the main character, ben, is asked by a priest, “ben,do you have any beliefs?”. ben couldn’t answer.

so i’ll answer the question (for myself).

i believe in a God in a spiritual more than religious sense. the God i believe in is kind, forgiving, loving, and accepting of all. the God i believe in a little more liberal. the God i believe is looks at goodness more than sins. the God i know doesn’t require a church.

i believe in Love. the kind of Love that i share with my family - quiet but always present. the kind of Love that persists through the struggles of life. the kind of Love that forgives, sacrifices, believes, hopes, and never questions whether or not it is love.

i believe in the goodness of People. in fact, i believe in People in general. not just in there potential but their struggle. not just in their strength but in what they are willing to admit as their weakness. not just in their dreams but the reality they are trying to overcome. call me naive, but i believe we are inherently good. it’s a much better way to live, i believe.

i believe in Me and my quest to find balance and sense of well-being in my existence and remain there. i didn’t always believe in Me; rather i believed in the thought of Me. those days are gone and i’m glad.

that’s it for now, folks. thank you “one week” for inspiring that.

photo series: same bench, different people # 9

on running into a picture of you & me

so i ran into a picture of you & me from a wedding we attended a couple of years ago. in the picture we were holding onto each other and smiling for the camera and i can tell that between us, there was love.

the picture made me smile. we had it good, you and i. really good. i thank the love gods for that.

i reminisced for a minute and then tucked the picture back where i found it.

thank you for the memories.

on reclaiming my heart

i’m reclaiming my heart today
you never really wanted it in the first place
you weren’t ready
i was naive and gave it wholeheartedly anyway

and even though it hurts, no regrets
wounds and scars of the heart are what make us warriors

- girl with tiny flower tattoo